How It Works.

    1.What is Zang Platform?

    Zang is an online Fundraising System that manages peer to peer Cash requests with Cash received from our Community of our users.The processing of the cash requests is done on first come basis,amount of Cash available and the nature of needs of our users.We have a team of fundraising experts who are ready to serve with dignity.Here are basic terms used in our Platform.


    To register fill the online form with your details and submit. Your account will be created. You must be 18+ years to register with a valid MPESA Number. You can only register one account with one MPESA number


    To access your account login using your Phone Number and Password.

    4.Reset Password

    If you have forgotten your password, Kindly Contact Us for a Reset.

    5.Request Cash:
    This is the page you can request cash, give us your request for cash telling us the amount and purpose.(you can only request cash for legal activities in Kenya)
    Be patient since a request takes between 1-5 days to be processed.You can make multiple requests as you wait for processing.

    6.Give Cash:
    Give others-We are a social platform,you can also give others your financial support,you can give as little as kes 10.The more you give,the more others can also give you when you request.You can give your contribution through our Mpesa Paybill 404 41 41

    7.Request Limit:

    This is the maximum amount you can raise or request,the amount is calculated as three times the amount you have fundraised to others.Once you request cash and given,your limit decreases,to increase it again you have to fundraise others.

    8.My Requests :
    At this page you can see all the requests that you have made,their details and status.

    9.Request Status:
    When you make a Cash Request,your request undergoes the below stages;
    Pending-At this stage we have received your request and we are processing it.It takes between 1-5 days to be processed depending on the number of applications we have received and the amount of Cash available.
    Success-At this stage,your request has been processed, Cash raised and deposited in your Cash Account for withdrawal.
    Failed-At this stage,your application did not raise any cash.The reason mighty be no enough money in the platform or the applications were many when you applied.You can make a request again.

    9.Our Charges :
    To keep serving you better we charge 5% of every amount you Request.

    The amount you raise is subject to tax.
    Standard Mobile money charges apply.

    10.Cash Balance:
    This is the amount of cash you have raised,the amount can be withdrawn to your Mpesa.

    11.Withdraw Cash

    You can withdraw your Cash to your Mpesa. Once you Sell your Cards you can withdraw your Cash. It takes up to 6 working hours to receive your cash in your Mpesa.The minimum amount you can withdraw is 200 Ksh.We charge ksh 30 for Mpesa withdraw.

    12.Pending Cash

    This is the amount of Cash that you have withdrawn from your Account to your Mpesa.It takes between 1-6 working hours to recieve your Cash in your Mpesa.

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